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Food. It is the most important element of any restaurant, and we take it very seriously.

Our food has a British bias; it is always fresh; it is lovingly prepared by super chefs (this doesn’t mean that underwear is worn over their Chef’s Whites – although we did ask); and it is there to be the best food, at it’s price, in Cheshire.

Have we overstated it? Check it out and see. What we want to show is that The Red House is passionate about it’s food – from the hours expended by the chefs in sourcing local ingredients, through the evolving recipes, to the numerous trials and variations of each dish, to the presentation of the food on the plate. Every element is very important.

But hold on! Let’s not get too serious. Great food can be fun as well – and we try to reflect this in the humour running through our menus. It is supposed to be Relaxed Stylish Dining after all!